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CARE and Body Basics Quick Floor Workout

All That You Need to Get Started Exercising with Autoimmunity

Exercising with Autoimmunity

Do you have an autoimmune disorder and wonder sometimes if you’re doing the right intensity or the right type of exercise for your body? This video will give you a few things to keep in mind when it comes to exercising with an autoimmune disorder.

Your instructor is Christine Kling, who knows from first-hand experience an autoimmune disorder, how exercise can help you beat the odds!

13 Minute Feel-Good Workout

Follow along as Christine Kling presents this short, gentle, whole-body workout that focuses on stretching, mobility, flexibility, and stability. Learn how just a few minutes can improve your mind, body and mood!

30 Minute Workout

Do you feel ready to take it up a level? In this video Christine Kling will build on the prior video to begin to incorporate strength training. Follow along as she takes from warm-up, to strength building, finishing up with stretching for increased flexibility and mobility.