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Tailoring Self-Care Practices to Your Autoimmune Needs

Self-care is an essential practice for anyone living with an autoimmune disease. It plays a key role in lowering stress, and reducing symptoms. We know that autoimmunity is not one-size-fits-all. That's why we cover a large variety of topics with professionals in different areas of health — so you can tailor a self-care routine that specifically fits your needs.

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The key to effective self-care is to approach it from every angle — physical, mental, and emotional. When living with autoimmunity, it's so difficult not to feel entirely consumed with your physical needs; allowing other vital facets of health to be neglected. Finding the right combination of practices for yourself and your individual needs lends to confident stress-management. Explore our selections until you find practices that are the right fit for you. We aim to inspire you to take intentional time for yourself, and find ways to take your self-care to the next level.


Gentle flows perfect for those with joint sensitivity.


Tailorable, low-impact workouts with effective results.


Learn to gently usher connection between your mind and body.



Psychology meets acupressure to guide stored stress out of the body. 


Delicious ways to deliver the fuel your body needs.


Discover the importance of quality sleep in managing autoimmune conditions. Learn about sleep hygiene practices, the impact of sleep on your immune system, and tips for a better night’s sleep.


Explore how physiotherapy can aid in managing autoimmune conditions. Understand the role of physiotherapy in pain management, improving mobility, and enhancing overall physical health.

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