Autoimmune Hour

A weekly podcast hosted by Sharon Slayer, she deals with a rare medical condition and has experienced frustration within the medical community in diagnosing and treating chronic and rare illnesses. She uses her podcast to teach others to be advocates for themselves in the medical community and to take charge of their lives. Each week there are different experts and other guests who discuss life with autoimmune disorders.

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Functionally Autoimmune

Brandi Muilenburg is the host of the Functionally Autoimmune podcast, she is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and a Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner. Brandi has Hashimoto Thyroiditis and for years struggled to get a diagnosis, proper treatments, and lifestyle changes to help her thrive while living with autoimmune.

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The Real Life Show: Living with Chronic Illness

The Real Life Show: Living with Chronic Illness is hosted by Chelsea and Cassie. Cassie has Crohn’s Disease and frequently deals with ovarian cysts. Chelsea does not have a chronic illness herself but is passionate about normalizing issues surrounding chronic illness and supporting those who live with it. They both want to support the chronic illness community with information, affirmation, and love through their podcast and social media.

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